Hokusai Manga and the Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji

2019.04.19|Fri| - 2019.05.29|Wed|

Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849), a legendary artist of the Edo period, was actively engaged in many art genres …


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Food & Refreshments


There are a variety of venues in the Museum where you can stop over for an enjoyable break or meal. Enjoy organic coffee in a relaxing cafeteria space with plenty of natural light and beautiful view over Sagami Bay at the café. Take to the Tea Garden and find Hana-no-Chaya, which serves Japanese-style meals and sweets, the teahouse Ippaku-an for a bowl of matcha and seasonal Japanese sweets, or savor authentic soba buckwheat noodles at Nijo-shinmachi Sobanobou. Each place offers their specialty menus that bring delight to your break moment.

Enjoy the Museum

Taking in the charms of the tea garden throughout the changing seasons; experiencing traditional Japanese culture in the reconstruction of Ogata Korin’s Residence; browsing in the museum shop; taking a break for lunch or tea in one of the cafes. There are so many ways to enjoy your day at MOA Museum of Art.




MOA Museum of Art reopened on February 5, 2017, after renovation. The lobby area, exhibition galleries, museum shop, and café station are designed by New Material Research Laboratory (NMRL), which led by world-renowned contemporary artist Hiroshi Sugimoto and architect Tomoyuki Sakakida. Contrary to its name, NMRL is focused on researching materials and techniques used in ancient, medieval, and early modern times, and finding ways to incorporate them in contemporary architecture to pass down to the future. They are exploring a myriad of possibilities to design incredible spaces for the MOA Museum of Art.

About Museum’s Collection


The collection of the museum is presently composed of approximately 3,500 works of art that include three national treasures, Ogata Korin’s Red and White Plum Blossoms screens which has been recognized as one of Korin’s most famous works, Nonomura Ninsei’s Tea-leaf Jar with perfectly composed wisteria design, the Calligraphy Album “Tekagami Kanboku-jo” which is considered to be one of the three great ancient calligraphy albums containing outstanding works from Nara to Muromachi period, as well as 66 important cultural properties.
The collection spans widely over paintings, calligraphy, crafts and sculptures. These outstanding works are well preserved and indispensable to tell the art history of Japan and it is one of the special features of the collection.

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Flower Vase in the shape of a bamboo stem

  • Artist

    Longquan ware

  • Period

    China, Southern Song dynasty, 13th century

This is an example of takenoko or bamboo shoot-shaped vase, so called because of its long neck made to resembl…


About our Activities


MOA Museum of Art is promoting a wide range of art ‘aesthetic education’ activities which not only include art exhibitions but also ‘the Children’s Art Exhibition’, ‘the Smile Children Choir’, ‘the School Programs’ and ‘Kohrinka Club (flower arrangement class)’.

About us

MOA Museum of Art provides visitors exhibitions of outstanding works of art centered on Japanese Art and introduces Japanese culture through promoting various cultural events including Noh performance and cha-no-yu tea ceremony.

Children’s Art Exhibition

Encouraging children to develop and express their creativity, MOA Museum of Art has been holding the Children’s Art Exhibition in over 400 venues and receiving more than 450,000 entrees from inside and outside the country every year.

School Programs

MOA Museum of Art offers art education programs in elementary and Junior high school art classroom to support the practice of the government curriculum guidelines.

Kohrinka Club

Based on the founder of the museum, Mokichi Okada’s desire, we are conducting “MOA Kohrinka Club” as ikebana class and “Flower Salon” to enjoy arranging flower in the simple container in our daily lives.

Museum Members’ Club & Contribution

Our activities and enterprises to promote Japanese traditional culture including the Children’s Art Exhibition are supported by the Members’ Club membership dues and your kind contribution.

Introduction to our activities

Introduced here are the activities we have been doing including Tohoku Earthquake support activity and aesthetic education activity.

Hakone Museum of Art (our sister museum)

Hakone Museum of Art, located in Gora, was founded in 1952 as the first museum in Hakone and visitors can also enjoy its garden with the beautiful seasonal flowers.