Café Restaurant Au Mirador

Authentic bistro cuisine in Atami

The chef Noboru Katsumata presents his brand-new maison d’art et gourmets—café restaurant Au Mirador.
In 1986, Katsumata opened his first bistro-style restaurant Bistro de la Cite in Azabu, Tokyo more than 40 years ago, to a great success.
The pioneer of true French bistro cuisine in Japan offers authentic yet creative menu, and delicately-presented dishes can be savored in a bright and airy dining room,
looking out over a splendid landscape and ocean.
In Hakone, he runs another restaurant Auberge Au Mirador.

The Theme of Au Mirador

Aspiring to the theme “a fusion of East and West,” the restaurant serves delightful food carefully prepared with fresh and organic ingredients, an art in itself through a combination of French and Japanese culinary techniques. Indulge in the chef’s healthful and beautiful creation to your heart’s content!

Master Chef Noboru Katsumata

Accorded a title of Master of Cuisine by the Government of Japan in 2012,
Katsumata has served many eminent figures and celebrities with his gourmet creations. Making appearance on TV frequently, he strives as a leading chef of the French cuisine in Japan and continues to enchant many gourmet fans.

1963 Starts his career in the world of cuisine. From 1969, he travels Europe and undergoes apprenticeship in the Netherlands as well as in Paris and Nice in France.
1973 Opens Bistro de la Cite in Tokyo, stirring up a major trend in bistro culture in Japan.
1978 Opens Restaurant Aux Six Arbres in Tokyo, offering authentic nouvelle cuisine.
1986 Opens Auberge Au Mirador in a scenic location in Hakone by the Lake Ashi, a first foray of French auberge-style restaurant in Japan.
1997 A new annex Pavillon Mirador opens, offering a function/dining room
2004 Opens a Bali-themed Coloniale Mirador, showcasing the chef’s new concept ‘colonial French’.
2007 Becomes the first president of a newly established Japan Auberge Association.
2012 Conferred a bronze award in the government initiative Ryori Masters (Master of Cuisine)
Present With immense success under his belt, Katsumata enjoys fulfilling days around his restaurants, agricultural producers, fishing ports and dairy farms.

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Café Restaurant Au Mirador

Opening hour 10:00 - 16:00 (order before 15:30)
Closed Thursday and year-end holidays (as per museum calendar)
Place 1st Floor
Reservation Negotiable
Contact us TEL : 0557-84-2358

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