School Programs

Opportunity for children to associate with true ‘beauty

MOA Museum of Art has been carrying out various school programs intended for elementary, junior high, and high school students and teachers in order to give them an opportunity to associate directly with the works of our museum.
Please feel free to contact us for inquiry.

School Visit

MOA美術館 出張授業 MOA美術館 出張授業 MOA美術館 出張授業 MOA美術館 出張授業


A curator visits a school and gives a lesson in cooperation with the teacher.
Lesson content includes introducing museum staff or curator’s jobs, how to appreciate an exhibition using visual devices, using replicas of the work and art worksheet, etc. Available replicas include our museum collection, Ogata Korin’s Red and White Plum Blossom screen(national treasure), Tea-leaf Jar with design of wisteria (national treasure) by Nonomura Ninsei in actual size.

Possible areas for School Visite.

  • Shizuoka Prefecture – Atami City, Ito City, Mishima City, Numazu City, Izu-no-kuni City, Kannamicho
  • Kanagawa Prefecture – Odawara City, Minami-Ashigara City, Yugawara-machi, Manazuru-machi, Hakone-machi, Matsuda-machi, Kaise-machi, Ooi-machi, Nakai-machi, Yamakita-cho, Ninomiya-cho

*Please inquire for other areas.  

How to apply

You can either inquire by telephone or fill out our prescribed application form and fax to the following number.

Click here for application form.(PDF)


There is no expense for school to pay. (neither travelling expense nor a gift necessary)

Museum Group Tour

MOA美術館 団体見学 MOA美術館 団体見学 MOA美術館 団体見学 MOA美術館 団体見学


Exhibition Guided Tour

This course is for participants to have a lesson about our exhibitions using audio-visual devices first, then go freely look around the exhibition. In the galleries, participants are divided into small groups(about 10 persons) and each will have outlines of exhibitions from museum staff while observing.

  • After having outlines, participants can go on an independent tour.
  • Content can be chosen from these 3 topics; Special Exhibits, Feature Exhibits, and Permanent Exhibits.
  • The outline explanation of the exhibition takes about 5 minutes and the time for the tour of the galleries can be set on request.

Independent Tour

This course is for visitors to have an independent tour after entering.It is recommended for visitors who wish to appreciate art more individually.

Art Tour for Teachers

Arrangements can be made on your request.

How to apply

For either course, please inquire for arrangement by phone or fill out and fax the application to the following number.

application to the following number.(PDF)

Admission Discount and Exemption

Elementary school students, junior high school students, and escorting teachers are free of charge

Work Experience Trial Study

We are providing children work experience trial study for their integrated learning. We provide children the programs peculiar in a museum such as customer service and curator duties while wishing that the experience will help them in their way of living at present and in the future.

Flower Arrangement and Cha-no-yu (Tea Ceremony) Trial

MOA美術館 いけばな・茶の湯体験 MOA美術館 いけばな・茶の湯体験 MOA美術館 いけばな・茶の湯体験 MOA美術館 いけばな・茶の湯体験

Enjoying Flowers Course

After getting some outlines for arranging flowers, participants will arrange flowers and enjoy viewing their works.

Certified Instructors of MOA Art&Cultural Foundation will help you, so there is no need to worry.

The following are the different courses which you can chose one from.

  • Target Persons:elementary and junior high school students・teachers
  • The number of people: Up to 12 people at one time. Time required: 45 minutes Participation
  • Cost: 500 yen (actual expense for flowers)

Cha-no-yu (Tea Ceremony) Trial Course

Our museum teahouse is used for this course,. The participants will have a lesson how to appreciate tea utensils and later have tea in the way of tea ceremony.

    • Actual Expense: 700 yen

(up to 15 people at a time/ the time required: 30minutes) (In the case of over 15 people, the session will be split into separate times. Content is negotiable in accordance with your request.)

Inquiry and Application

MOA Museum of Art School Program
Responsible party: Yashiro

26-2 Momoyama-cho, Atami, Shizuoka 413-8511
TEL. 0557-84-2511 FAX. 0557-84-2570