Contribution Request

First, we would like to express our appreciation for your understanding and continued support for the activities of the MOA Art and Cultural Foundation In addition to the management of MOA Museum of Art and Hakone Museum, the foundation has been promoting a wide range of art and cultural activities and aesthetic education activities inside and outside Japan through art and culture which include art exhibitions outside the museum and Children’s Art Exhibition, ikekomi services to public facilities and schools, ikebana flower arrangement, cha-no-yu tea ceremony, school programs, and we have received great support from many people. These activities are operated with the museum admission fees paid by visitors and your kind contributions.


MOA Museum of Art Children’s Art Exhibition

Encouraging children to develop and express their creativity, MOA Museum of Art has been holding the Children’s Art Exhibition

Japanese Flower Arrangement “Ikebana”

子どもたちによる茶の湯 おもてなしの実践

Tea Ceremony Experience (Matcha Making Experience)


School Programs and School Visit


The art class supported by Agency for Cultural Affairs

The Special Exhibition at Sendai City Museum
仙台市博物館 <!--

The Special Exhibition at Sendai City Museum

館外展・仙台市博物館にて「国宝紅白梅図屏風とMOA美術館名品展」を開催 -->

Use of Contribution Money Use of Contribution Money

  • For Aesthetic Education Activities such.
  • Purchasing Art
  • For the businesses that the foundation promotes.

Donation Status

To pay our heartfelt respects and gratitude to those who have made donation to the foundation, we will post your honorable name on our homepage. The list of contributors ( Website of the foundation) *If you wish to remain anonymous, please note that in your donation application form.

Personal Donations (deduction from one’s income)

1. Credit Card Contribution (Only Visa, Master Card, Diners Club are accepted.)

Personal Donations (deduction from one’s income)

In case of personal donation, the following calculation formula will be applied and the calculated amount will be the deduction permitted as ’ income tax exemption applied to donation’. In order to receive ‘income tax exemption applied to donation’, you need to file your final income tax returns.
The total of the specific donation that you paid out within the year -2,000 yen = income tax exemption applied to donation *The total income tax exemption applied to donation will be limited to 40% of your incom.

Donation from an organization /group (the juridical person other than public interest incorporated foundation)

Special exemption for the donation offered to a public interest incorporated foundation Even if your general donations are deductible to the maximum allowance amount, you are allowed separate the allowable limit of deductible expenses for the donation offered to a public interest incorporated foundation. The following calculation formulas are how to calculate the allowable limit of deductible expenses for two kinds of donations. For details, please inquire your near-by tax revenue office.

Allowance limit of deductible expenses for donations.

Special exemption for the donation offered to a public interest incorporated foundation


  • You can make a contribution by credit card from this website.
  • Credit card with VISA/ Master Card/ Diners Club brand logo are accepted.
  • When offering a contribution online by credit card, the minimum value of contribution is 1,000 yen per donation.
  • After a contribution has been made, a cancellation shall not be accepted at any time under any circumstances. Please confirm the contents of the input before offering a contribution.
  • The contribution price shall be subtracted from the designated account in the normal use of card based on the regulations of the card company.
  • Pay off of the charge is usually made in the next month or two months after the day that you offered the contribution. Please confirm the bill from the card company.
  • When donating by credit card, the date of receiving the contribution is not the same date as the offering. It shall be the date of confirming the deposit to the foundation from a card company. (It is about 2 months after the date of accepting a donation.) Please note that contributions made in or after November may not be charged to the card until January.
  • The donator shall agree to the following standards.
    • The foundation shall not be entitled to receive any benefits or conditions in exchange for contribution.
    • The donator shall not audit the accounting of contribution money.
    • Once the contribution has been made, the donator may not cancel the contribution wholly or partially.
    • Contribution money may not be transferred to or used for the donator without compensation.
    • The donator shall not disrupt or cause special burden on business, fiscal operation and reputation of the foundation.
  • Regarding Security We are taking possible measures to give donators security by implementing an SSL encryption communication system to secure transmission of donator’s information, and utilizing a dedicated server to improve security. We don’t take responsibility for any damage occurred at the time of application, except if there was a circumstance caused by reasons attributable to the foundation.
  • Regarding the protection of personal information, although we entrust a portion of the services to another party, we ensure sound outsourcing management in advance and take appropriate action to protect personal information properly.
  • Miscellaneous We shall take no responsibility for any problems occurring between the credit card user and their respective card company. Late charges may occur if the account withdrawal of the charge fails by a given date. Only if you agree to the above mentioned terms, click below and move forward with the application procedure. Click here for Credit Card Contribution

Management and Collection of Personal Information

  • We will never disclose donors’ personal information to third parties without a permission of the person except for declaration form to administrative agency, contribution request and notification from us.
  • In order to prevent risks such as loss, leakage or alteration of data, we will implement thorough management of personal information and ensure that information about your donations is handled with respect and with confidentiality to the extent provided by law.

Inquiry MOA Museum of Art, the general affairs department management division TEL. 0557-84-2511 FAX. 0557-84-2570