Landscapes in Four Seasons

By Kaiho Yusho



Artist By Kaiho Yusho
Period Momoyama period, early 17th century
Materials and techniques Pair of eight-fold screens, ink and light colour paper
Size 112.0×367.8 each


Kaihō Yūshō was born in Ohmi (present Shiga prefecture) as a son of a military commander who served Lord Asai Nagamasa. His father died in combat when Oda Nobunaga attacked Odani castle. Yūshō was unhurt since he was sent to Tōfuku-ji temple in Kyoto as child novice. He first studied under Kanō Motonobu, become infatuated with the abbreviated brush technique of Liang Kai, and founded his original style of painting during the Momoyama period. This wide painting spreads over the eight-fold screen with a variety of scenery linked by a spacious waterscape. The composition is well balanced on both sides. It is a manifestation of the Yūshō’s monochrome landscape painting.