Wisteria, Lotus and Maple

By Sakai Hoitsu



Artist By Sakai Hoitsu
Period Edo period, 19th century
Materials and techniques Set of three hanging scrolls, colour on silk
Size 110.3×35.3 each


“The plant-and-flower” motif of the Edo Rimpa school reached the realm of perfection from the point of view of decorativeness in Hōitsu’s works. The more dignified composition style of the previous Rimpa school, in which Hōitsu himself was trained, had tapered off during the Edo period, and the delicate and suave schemes became the mainstream. The brilliant colors resulting from flat painting technique were appreciated more than the blurring technique. The inscription on the lotus scroll says that the model of this picture, which is intact at Fujita Museum, was painted by Kōho, grandson of Hon’ami Kōetsu.