Important Cultural Property

Calligraphy: Precept Addressed to His Pupil

By the priest Gulin Qingmao



Artist By the priest Gulin Qingmao
Period China, Yuan dynasty, dated 1321
Materials and techniques Hanging scroll, ink on paper
Size 33.0×63.4


Gulin Qingmao was said to have been the leading Zen figure during the Yuan dynasty. The subject of his calligraphy was exclusively educational; about the essence of Zen, and not mere compliments. His powerful calligraphic style is much admired and he is considered to be the most distinguished Zen calligrapher. This is a farewell gift for Ten’nen Kō-un, a Buddhist student from Japan and it extols his talents. Gulin Qingmo wrote it when he was sixty years old, probably at the request of Kō-un.