ncense Container with a design of a butterfly

Shino type, Mino ware



Artist Shino type, Mino ware
Period Momoyama period, 16th century
Materials and techniques Stoneware with underglaze iron decoration
Size Overall L.2.4 D.6.3


In the Mino kilns, incense containers of various types, including Shino, Ki-Seto and Oribe were produced. All ware of excellent quality, but Ichimonji incense containers, made round and flat, were especially beautiful and highly prized. Made in a shape imitating the lacquered incense containers imported from China, the piece is covered entirely with a feldspathic glaze and decorated on the lid top with a design resembling a butterfly in underglaze iron. Along the side of the body are bright and vivid fire color characteristic of Shino ware.