Bowl with a design of Dutchmen and ships

Imari ware



Artist Imari ware
Period Edo period, late 17th - early 18th century
Materials and techniques Porcelain with underglaze blue and overglaze enamels
Size H.9.0 MD.36.5 BD.20.5


This type of design featuring Dutchmen is one of the classic designs of ko-Imari. Since the decoration includes Dutch ships, three on the interior and two on the exterior, it is known as gosōsen meaning five ships. The background is covered with lozenge-shaped patterns, each adorned with a chrysanthemum flower, and the mouth rim is decorated with a design of yōraku (tassel). The bowl is a wonderful example of some-nishiki, a term refering to vessels that are decorated in underglaze blue and overglaze enamels and heightned with gold.