Kuan-fu (covered water container) with an interlaced pattern of stylised dragon-like animals



Period China, Warring States period, 5th - 4th century B.C.
Materials and techniques Bronze
Size Overall H.37.5 MD.21.1 D.23.8 BD.21.4


This type of water vessel was formerly known as the ho, until a similar vessel with a matching dipper unearthed from the ancient thumb in Anhui Province dating back from the Spring and Autumn dynasty was found with an inscription “guanfu” on it. The guanfu was used for preserving water for washing hands. This vessel has dangling loops on the ears at the shoulder. It has a lid but its knob is lost. The body and lid are covered with bands of patterns of coiling dragon (panchi) and another band with six triple-circular designs are covered with lid and eight triple-circular designs are covered with body.