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Japanese Dance Performance, “Tokiwazu” & Takigi Noh by torchlight – “the Lunar Path”

2019.04.12|Fri| 9:30 - 10:30


Organizers: Atami Tsui-no-michi Executive Committee
            Mokichi Okada Art & Culture Foundation (MOA Museum of Art)


Date:  5/19/2019 (Sun.)  17:30 ~20:00

Venue: Atami Sun Beach ( in fine weather)

*In the event of rain, at MOA Museum of Art Noh Theater for paid seating only.



 Japanese Dance Performance by the Atami geisha & geisha house union

 “Rokudan kuzushi” “Jo-no-mai”

 Japanese Dance Performance, “Tokiwazu” by Arata Hanayagi and

Tokiwazu Mojibei (shamisen)

 Kyogen “Bo-shibari” by Zenchiku Juro

 Noh Dance “Suigetsu” by Manjiro Tatsumi

 Iccho “Rogetsu” by Kan Fukuhara and Kiyo Katada

 Noh “Tenko” by Manjiro Tatsumi


  *The above order is subject to change without notice according to the rise of the moon.


Seating Price:

  Free to view from the beach and promenade

  Pay Area Unreserved Seating A (beach area)  4,000 yen

  Pay Area Unreserved Seating B (stair area)  3,000 yen


Regarding Viewing of the Performance

 This Takigi Noh event was made possible with kind support and donations from individuals, groups and organizations. Therefore, seating are for sponsor seats and paid seats only. But visitors are free to view from the beach and promenade.


*Information about whether a performance will be held that day or not will be posted on the museum homepage at 11a.m on the day of performance.

*In the event of rain, the performance will be held at MOA Museum of Art Noh Theater for paid A seating and sponsorship seating only.  

* B Seating Tickets will be refunded in the event that a performance is cancelled.


* If the event is cancelled in the middle of the performance due to sudden weather emergencies, it will not be held at MOA Museum of Art Noh Theater.

*All paid tickets are non-refundable after the start of Kyogen.

Route: 5 minutes by the Izu Tokai Bus from No. 3 bus terminal to “Sun Beach” from JR Atami Station.

For inquiry, contact MOA Museum of Art Tel. 0557-84-2567.


Tickets are available at MOA Museum of Art, from e+ ticketing service and Ticket Pia.