Golden Tea Room

This tea room is a faithful replica of the Golden Tea Room built by the great general Toyotomi Hideyoshi in 1586, when he took a portable golden tearoom to the Imperial Palace in Kyoto in order to hold a tea ceremony for Emperor Ogimachi. In January of the following year he had a portable golden tea room moved from Osaka Castle to the Ko-gosho. Here he held a tea party, known as the Grand Kitano Tea Ceremony, at which he himself offered tea to the emperor and Court nobles. Hideyoshi moved the golden tea room not only from Osaka Castle, but also from the castle to Nagoya Castle in Hizen, where he had shifted his headquarters to supervise the dispatch of the expeditionary force to Korea in 1592. The golden tea room was destroyed after the death of Hideyoshi.
Please enjoy the flowery, gorgeous flavor of Momoyama culture together with the rustic simplicity (wabisuki) most fully expressed in the form of the tea ceremony.
Nearly four centuries later it has been reconstructed in MOA Museum, under the supervision of the architect Sutemi Horiguchi, a great authority of Sukiya architecture, through an exhaustive analysis of various historical documents written and left by court nobles, warriors, foreign missionaries, and tea ceremony masters.
Same as the one built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, this replica is portable and can be disassembled. The size of each construction member was calculated from the historical documents and structural requirements.