Korin’s Residence (reconstructed)

Korin’s Residence was reconstructed under the supervision of Dr. Sutemi Horiguchi based on the drawings by Ogata Korin, the notes of the carpenter, and documents and data for Korin’s mansion including Korin’s tea-room okoshiezu (three-dimensional drawing) discovered in the home of the Konishi. Korin constructed a house with an atelier along Shinmachi Street in Kyoto in 1712 and spent the last five years of his life at this house. Red and White Plum Blossoms, designated a National Treasure, painted on a pair of two-panel screens, is believed to have been created in the atelier on the second floor of the house.
The reconstructed mansion has a floor area of about 90 tsubo (297.52㎡) built in sukiya style (the style of a tea-ceremony house) and is precious heritage that teach us the character of architecture of architecture of Machiya (a traditional townhouse) of Edo period. The five-and-a-half mat tea room and the three mat tea room are situated in the mansion. The three mat tea room, “Seisei-an(青々庵)” was named after Korin’s pen name, “Seisei(青々)” and the tablet showing the name of the tea room was created by Japanese painter, Togyu Okumura.