Special Planning

Inviting Sen Sooku, the successor of consecutive heads of the Mushanokoji-senke, who is well-versed in antiques as well as contemporary arts as the guest curator and exhibiting specially selected tea utensils from our museum collection, we will be approaching the charm of Cha-no-yu Tea Ceremony.  Participants will first view the tea utensils in the exhibition gallery, then have Tenshin (light meal for tea ceremony), and enjoy a bowl of matcha tea.  You will feel like being in an authentic tea ceremony.


We also offer reasonable package price.


The Taste of Autumn

(Special Tenshin Meal, Matcha Tea, Museum Admission )


Special Package Price: 4,200 yen (tax included)

*Discount is available for Tomo-no-kai members.


Limited to 30 persons per day

(first-come,first-served basis/ reservations are accepted)

The Duration of this special planning:  10/27 (Fri.) ~ 12/10 (Sun.)