Café Restaurant “Au Mirador”

It is a café restaurant under the supervision of the legendary chef Noboru Katsumata who in 1986, opened Auberge Au Mirador, the first auberge in Japan set in a beautiful location in Hakone overlooking Lake Ashino-ko. Please savor our “One Plate Lunch” which is a delicate collaboration of fresh ingredients grown in nature and the superb skills of the chefs.
Diners may also enjoy a meal at the terrace seating, where you can feel the breeze of the ocean.

The Theme of Au Mirador

The theme of Au Mirador is “A Fusion of East and West”. The restaurant serves delightful food that can be made only in Atami, prepared with a fusion of traditional French and Japanese culinary techniques. It is a compilation of “Chef Katsumata’s French Cuisine” combined boldness and sensitivity.

Master Chef Noboru Katsumata

1963 Joined the world of cuisine, and moved to Europe. Returned home after studying in Hollnad, Paris, and Niece.
1973 Opened “Bistro de La Cite” in Azabu, Tokyo giving rise to bistro boom.
1978 Opened “Restaurant Aux Six Arbres” in Roppongi developing real nouvelle cuisine.
1986 Started “Auberge au Mirador” as the first auberge in Japan on this site overlooking Lake Ashinoko in Hakone.
1997 Added an Annex “Pavilion Mirador” equipped with party-dining facilities.
2004 Opened “Colonial Mirador” targeting the theme of Bali Realized a new cuisine proposal in the form of Colonial French.
2007 Wasappointed as the first chairman of Japan Auberge Association at the establishment of the Association.
2012 Was selected as a “Cooking Master” (Bonze Award) that awards the chefs who have contributed to the categories of agriculture, forestry, and fisheries.
Present Attained very favorable popularity as of now. Spending more fruitful days in such a life as moving between farms, ports and ranches, and his restaurants for over 30 years.

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Café Restaurant “Au Mirador”

Opening hour 10:00 - 16:00 (Last call is 15:30)
Closed Thursday, (Open on Mondays that fall on national holidays, in which case the museum is closed on following day), Year-end holidays (December 10-15, 2017 - January 4-8, 2018), Same as Museum opening day
Place 1st Floor
Reservation Negotiable
Contact us TEL : 0557-84-2358

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