Teahouse Ippaku-an


Refreshing matcha green tea using 100% certified organic tea leaves

Refined tea ceremony implements displayed in the grand tea room, chic ryurei-style tables in glossy urushi finish...
Teahouse Ippaku-an invites you to a unique matcha experience with healthful and tasty matcha accompanied by select Japanese sweets. Sencha green tea is also available. The building was designed by Nahiko Emori, an architect who oversaw the tea house of the Japanese embassy in Washington D.C. Take your time to breath in the serenity of the Tea Garden while comfortably seated to enjoy your tea.

About the teahouse

The teahouse was built to celebrate a centennial anniversary of Okada Mokichi, and designed by Emori Nahiko, a prominent architect. The name written in Japanese is “一白庵,” and the first two characters put together make “百,” a character that signifies one hundred.
Rustic in style, the teahouse has table- style seating in the front area. It also houses two Japanese style rooms, one large and the other small, in the back, open to the public on special occasions.


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Teahouse Ippaku-an

Opening hour 10:30 - 16:00 (order before16:00)
Closed Same as Museum opening day
Place The Museum Tea Garden
Reservation Incompatible

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