Soba Restaurant “Nijo-shinmachi Soba-no-bo”

Guests can enjoy our authentic hand-made Kirishita soba made from good quality buckwheat grown in the Togakushi Region in Nagano Prefecture.Our soba noodles are made from fresh stone-ground natural buckwheat and the natural water of Amagi.
We also serve seasonal tempura and other dishes as well as Japanese sake to go well with soba.

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Soba Restaurant “Nijo-shinmachi Soba-no-bo”

Opening hour 11:00 - 15:00
Closed Thursday, (Open on Mondays that fall on national holidays, in which case the museum is closed on following day), Year-end holidays (December 10-15, 2017 - January 4-8, 2018), Same as Museum opening day
Place The Museum Tea Garden
Reservation Negotiable
Contact us 0557-84-2777

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