Through the Seasons – Summer

The quiet of summer—far from the bustling of city

Huge columns of white clouds gathering over the azure sea around Hatsushima and Izu-Oshima are a sure sign of the onset of summer. This is a time to enjoy the magnificent panoramas produced by Mother Nature.

The paths leading to the tea garden are covered in lush green of moss and the grounds are full of verdant pieris, sasa and maple trees. The traditional stone basin set by the tea house Ippaku-an brings a sense of refreshing coolness, and the lovely forms of plantain lilies, gold-banded lilies and platycodons are pleasant to the eyes. With the blue sky beautifully set off the green leaves of the maple, the tea garden is an exquisite palette of summer colors.


Through the Seasons


MOA美術館 春


MOA美術館 夏


MOA美術館 秋


MOA美術館 冬