Important Cultural Property

Attendant on Hoppo-ten (Vaisravana)


Artist By Koen
Period Kamakura period, dated 1267
Materials and techniques Wood with paint and gold
Size Overall H.39.6 Figure H.32.3


This is the statue of the attendant of Hoppō-ten, one of the Four Guardian Kings who protect four corners of the Realm of Buddhas. There are only three other sculptures of attendants to the Four Guardian Kings existing in Japan. According to an inscription, Kōen, the sculptor had carved and dedicated this statue to Eikyū-ji Temple in Nara in 1267. Though small in size, it shows realistic depiction specific to sculptures of the Kamakura period. The pigments are well preserved and beautiful. Kōen was the Buddhist sculptor of the late Kamakura period, two generations apart from Unkei.

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