School Programs

MOA Museum of Art has been carrying out various school programs intended for students and teachers of elementary, secondary, and high schools, giving them an opportunity to have a first-hand experience of the artworks from our museum collection.

Movie Archives/Exclusive Interviews

Inspiring talks given by prominent artists, thinkers, and experts on broad subjects in relation to arts, beauty, and social contributions.

Children's Art Exhibition

As Japan, like many other countries, rapidly transforms into a highly diversified society through globalization and changing demography, our children need to develop adaptive strengths through the acquisition of intellectual abilities, emotional sensitivities and sound physical growth. School education must be a vehicle to ensure this in a well-balanced manner.

Kohrinka Flower Arrangement

Kohrinka Flower Arrangement gives courses on flower arrangement in perpetuation of the vision held by Okada Mokichi, the founding leader of MOA Museum of Art. Flower Salon is organized as part of Kohrinka activities, providing people with the opportunity to enjoy arranging flower in a very accessible way.


The restoration project of Hon’ami Kōetsu’s Writing Box with a Design of Woodcutter


The writing box with a design of woodcutter in maki-e, attributed to Hon’ami Kōetsu, is a listed important cultural property in our collection. Due to the progressive metamorphosis taking place in the box’s decoration in lead, the Museum has launched a 4-year restoration project. In the first year, scientific investigations will be run to identify the metal composition and the substances causing the deterioration. Based on the results from these investigations, the project will formulate and implement the restoration method in the following years through experiments.