Noh Theater Programs for 2024

2024.04.29(Mon) - 2024.11.24(Sun)


*Tickets are available for ATAMIZA Spring/Autumn Performances and Noh Seminar

Exclusive ticket sales for MOA Museum Members
From Tue. February 13, 2024 (open 10:00)

Standard ticket sales
From Fri. February 16, 2024 (open 10:00)


Purchase your tickets online from the Museum official ticket shop, the online ticketing service Ticket Pia (in Japanese), or by telephone.

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◆ ATAMIZA Spring/Autumn Performance

  • SS: 8,800 (7,700) *Prices in brackets are with Membership concessions
  • S: 7,700 (6,600)
  • A: 5,500 (4,400)
  • B: 4,400 (3,300)

<p*Prices inclusive of tax


◆ Noh Seminar Part One: Workshop

  • 550 yen (Participation only in Part 1 is accepted. Admission fee to the Museum applies.)

◆ Noh Seminar Part Two: Lecture and Stage Performance

  • S: 6,600 (5,500)
  • A: 5,500 (4,400)
  • B: 4,400 (3,300)
  • Special price for children up to junior high school at 1,100 yen.

*Prices inclusive of tax


The Noh Theater, MOA Museum of Art


500 places for each session 
* Except the Noh Theater Part One (Workshop), which offers 60 places




Mon. April 29 (national holiday)—Spring Performance presented by ATAMIZA


◆ Main program: Noh play Sumidagawa by Kanze school

13:30 (doors open at 12:30)




  • Woman: Kanze Kiyokazu
  • Umewakamaru: Takeda Satotsugu
  • Skipper: Hōshō Tsunezō
  • Traveler: Tateda Yoshihiro
  • Fue (flute): Matsuda Hiroyuki
  • Kotsuzumi (shoulder drum): Ōkura Genjirō
  • Ōtsuzumi (hip drum): Kamei Hirotada

◆ Interlude (Kyōgen performance): Irumagawa



  • Daimyō: Miyake Sukenori
  • Principal (servant): Miyake Chikanari
  • Person: Miyake Ukon

Wed. July 31—Noh Seminar


◆ Summer Holiday Noh Seminar—Learn, Play and Watch

Part one (Workshop)


 Noh Seminar 2024


Professional Noh theater musicians lead the workshop to play the instruments (flute and three types of drums).
*The program is subject to change without notice if required as a precautionary measure in relation to public health concerns.
Playing the instruments is not obligatory.

Fee: 500 yen. Participation only in Part 1 is accepted (the admission fee to the Museum applies)

Places available: 60

Starting at 10:30

Venue: Museum Guest Reception Room on Floor 3


Part two (Lecture and Stage Performance)


Starting at 13:00 (doors open at 12:20)


◆ Main program: Noh play Funa Benkei by Hōshō school

Lady Shizuka/Taira no Tomomori: Waku Sōtarō


◆ Interlude (Kyōgen performance): Kazumō by Izumi school

Nomura Mansai


Sun. November 24—Autumn Performance presented by ATAMIZA


◆ Main program: Noh play Raiden by Hōshō school


13:30 (doors open at 12:30)

reference image of Raiden scene


Sugawara no Michizane/Tenjin: Tatsumi Manjirō


◆ Interlude (Kyōgen performance): Kaminari by Izumi school


Thunder: Nomura Mannojō