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Noh & Kyogen Workshop at MOA Museum of Art



Nohgaku is a theatrical art representing Japan and was recognized as the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Wishing more people to enjoy the world of Noh, we have been holding this Nohgaku workshop conducted by the first-class Noh actors every summer. The first part of the workshop is for the participants to experience the musical instruments used in Noh and guidance will be provided by the expert Noh performers. In the second part, the participants will receive a lecture then actually appreciate Noh play and Kyogen. This is a workshop for everyone from children to adult can enjoy and learn about Nohgaku.

Venue:  MOA Museum of Art Noh Theater on the 2nd floor

Part 1:  10:30 ~
 *Experience of the musical instruments used in Noh play.
  Participants can experience the hayashi, the orchestra made up of four instruments: fue (flute), kotsuzumi (shoulder drum), otsuzumi (hip drum), and taiko (stick drum).                                                                                     

Part 2:  13:00~
① Noh seminar by Genjiro Ohkura, grand master of the Okura School of kotsuzumi (small hand drums)

*Participants will be provided introduction to Noh and easy-to-understand explanations so that they will feel close to Nohgaku.

② Explanation of the Noh and Kyogen programs
  Noh:  “Sesshoseki (The Murder Stone)”
 Lecturer: Manjiro Tatsumi of the Hosho-ryu School
 Kyogen: “Kaniyamabushi (Crab Warrior Priest)
 Lecturer: Mansai Nomura of the Izumi-ryu School)

◆Fee: Part 1 only (Experience of Noh musical instruments): 500 yen (excluding museum admission)
 *If you are participating in only Part 1, please make a reservation by phone and pay the fee in cash on the day of the workshop.

Part 2 (Noh seminar & appreciation of Noh and Kyogen)

  S Seats ¥6,000 (museum membership deal ¥4,000)

  A Seats ¥5,000 (museum membership deal ¥3,000)

  B Seats ¥4,000 (museum membership deal ¥2,000)

  Elementary and Junior High School Student Seating ¥1,000
(elementary school students must be accompanied by an adult.)

  *All Seats Reserved. Noh ticket includes the museum admission. (The membership deal is applicable for the member and one companion accompanying the member.)

  *If you are a member or accompanying an elementary or junior high school student, please purchase tickets through MOA Museum of Art.


◆How to apply:
You can purchase an advance ticket at the museum reception counter or make a reservation by phone and pay by postal transfer. We will ship your ticket upon confirming your payment.

Postal Account Number: 00860-2-187378 MOA Museum of Art Nohgakudo

MOA Museum of Art: 26-2 Momoyama-cho, Atami city, Shizuoka Prefecture

Telephone (0557)84-2500

*Tickets reserved on e-plus can be paid for at Family Mart.

*Please note that cast may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.


◆Workshop Schedule

Part 1

10:00:  The doors will open. (The reception room)

 10:30:  The workshop Part 1 (Experience of Noh musical instruments) will start.

 11:30:  The workshop Part 1 will finish.

Part 2

    12:20:  The doors will open. (The museum Noh theater)

    13:00:  The Noh Seminar will start

    13:45:  Intermission

    14:00:  Explanations of the Noh and Kyogen Programs

    14:20:  Performance of Kyogen “Kaniyamabushi (Crab Warrior Priest)”

    14:35:  Performance of Noh play “Sesshoseki (The Murder Stone)”

    15:20:  The scheduled finish time