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Ryo Inoue presents, the House of Brilliant Golden Art

2022.07.22(Fri) - 2022.08.28(Sun)


Ryo Inoue, the creator of the NHK’s popular program BijuTune!, returns to MOA Museum of Art again this summer. This special exhibition unfolds with a focus on gold and introduces various artworks with his unique animation art and music.

He has also produced artworks himself, following the expert instructions of some top masters of kōgei art, notably the Living National Treasure in urushi lacquer art, Murose Kazumi, and urushi art expert in the chinkin technique, Torige Kiyoshi. The video footage of his creation efforts presents another aspect of the art world.

His pop commentary on the displayed real artworks helps you to discover new perspectives to enjoy the splendid collection of gold-related artworks, such as paintings on gold foils and maki-e masterpieces.

So much fun is to be had in this multimedia exhibition, that also include Inoue’s new animation films, his original folding screens with favorite BijuTune! characters, modeled on Red and White Plum Blossoms by Ogata Kōrin, and the “gold art” song albums. You will also find some Insta photo spots and the exhibition’s original spin-off goods.


RYO INOUE profile

A multi-talented artist whose extensive repertoire includes visual art (animation/film), illustration, manga, installation art, and stage performance. He also composes and writes lyrics of songs that accompany his animation films. Studied at the Kanazawa College of Art. His TV production Bijutune! is children’s favorite series on NHK schedules. He also produces a column, entitled “Bijutsu de gozaru” on Mainichi Shimbun’s regular publication for school children. He has produced many exhibitions at various venues, including Yokosuka Museum of Art, Ohara Museum of Art, Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, Kirishima Open-air Museum, Tokyo National Museum, and MOA Museum of Art.

Lacquer with chinkin GOLD'S ANIMAL GYM


Japanese painting on gold-leafed paper BRILLIANT CHILLOUT


Plate in maki-e BREEZE




Sponsored by the NHK Shizuoka
in collaboration with NHK Educational