White Porcelain by Maeta Akihiro the National Treasure Potter

2021.01.22(Fri) - 2021.03.09(Tue)

Special Gallery


Maeta Akihiro is a master potter whose white porcelain is a result of his studious explorations. He was born in Tottori. After his studies of ceramic art at the Osaka University of Arts, he started his career as a potter in his hometown. His work is characterized by the impressionable deep white, which is achieved by a special semi-translucent glaze carefully applied on the vessels which he throws on a lathe, followed by hand-work to render refined shapes. He is a designated preserver of important intangible cultural property in the category of white porcelain (hakuji) for his masterful artistry in pottery, and his work is highly acclaimed for embodying traditional skills and embracing modern and artistic expressions in hakuji ceramics. Select pieces of his work are on display, and they take you on a journey to discover the beauty of shades and forms.

White porcelain spiral jar with carved sides, 2016

White porcelain jar with faceted sides, 2015

White porcelain jar with faceted sides, 2014

White porcelain jar with faceted sides, 2017

White porcelain jar with faceted sides, 2019