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Our precautions concerning COVID-19 at MOA Museum of Art

[Important information for all visitors]
MOA Museum of Art will be observing precautionary measures in view of the persisting presence of the novel coronavirus disease. To ensure the safety of visitors and staff members, please take appropriate actions in this regard when visiting us. Thank you for your understanding.

■It is for visitors to decide whether they wear masks during their visit. However, if you feel the urge to cough, sneeze, etc. cover your mouth with a handkerchief, mask, or your sleeve.
■Please be aware that visitors may be refused entry if they present certain symptomatic conditions, such as a fever, persistent coughs, headaches, or feeling unwell.
■We provide hand sanitizers in the Museum. You are welcome to use them, and we encourage you to wash your hands regularly.
■Please maintain appropriate distances at the ticket office and in the galleries. Please refrain from talking in a loud voice.

Please also note that these precautionary measures are subject to change in keeping with the social conventions.