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About Hakone Museum of Art

Hakone Museum of Art

Hakone Museum of Art was established in 1952 by Okada Mokichi (1882–1955), a founder of the Tomei Arts and Culture Preservation Association (predecessor of the Mokichi Okada Arts and Culture Foundation), who regarded this museum to be a means by which to promote refined sensitivity to the arts among people, elevate them of their humanity, and foster peace-loving disposition in them. His vision was for Japan to be a nation that thrived on civilized culture and the arts.

The museum is located in the landscaped garden Shinsenkyō, which in itself is a work of art conceived, designed, and created by Okada amid the inspiring natural environment of the Hakone National Park.

The museum holds a large collection mainly comprising Japanese earthenware, which is in keeping with the natural surroundings. Special exhibitions are organized periodically.

Chronology of Hakone Museum of Art

1882 Okada Mokichi born in Tokyo
1944 Okada Mokichi relocated to Hakone, Kanagawa
1952 Hakone Museum of Art opened
1953 Annex to the museum completed
1982 MOA Museum of Art opened in Atami
1990 Shinwatei the teahouse erected in the garden