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1300 Gora,Hakone-machi, Kanagawa 250-0408
TEL 0460-82-2623

Access by public transport

Hakone-yumoto station of the Odakyu line to Gora station of the Hakone Tozan Railway. Take a cable car from Gora station to Koen-kami station.

For more details, please check the Hakone NAVI website and Hakone Tozan website.

Driving to the museum

From Tokyo

Take the Tomei expressway westward, exit onto the Atsugi road, proceed in the “Hakone/Mishima” direction to the Hakone-yumoto/Miyanoshita exit. Continue on Route 1 until Gora and the museum. Approx. 2 hours from Tokyo.

From Shizuoka

Take the Tomei/Shin-Tomei expressway, exit at the Gotenba IC and follow the “Sengokubara” sign. Approx. 1.5 hours from Shizuoka.


Opening Hours 9:00 - 17:00
Fee Free