Wagtail on a Withered Lotus Kingfisher on a Reed

Attributed to Mu Qi



Artist Attributed to Mu Qi
Period China, Southern Song dynasty, 12th - 13th century
Materials and techniques Pair of hanging scrolls, ink on paper
Size 79.3×30.8 each


Muxi was later criticized in China as being “crude with no tradition” but in Japan since the Muromachi period his works have been treasured as the very best of Song paintings. For example, this pair of painting has been greatly appreciated and enormously valued in Japan. In both pictures, the seasonal change is well expressed through a wagtail standing on a lotus leaf and a kingfisher perched on a reed with only the monochrome ink. Brush strokes are swift and smart and they show characteristics that are slightly different from the more refined atmosphere of Muxi’s ink painting. Nonetheless these pictures show one type of so-called the Muxi painting style.