Frequently Asked Questions

Access & Museum Hours

Q1. How do I get to MOA Museum of Art?

A. Coming by public transport JR Atami Station -> Take a bus bound for MOA Museum of Art at Bus Terminal #8. (about 7minute ride) A. Those coming by car
  • From the Tokyo area  Tokyo -> (Tomei Expressway)->Atsugi I.C. -> Odawara west exit on Odawara-Atsugi Road -> Seisho Bypass (toward west) -> Manazuru Road -> Yugawara exit on Manazuru Road->Route 135 -> MOA Museum (approximately 2 hours)
  • From the Shizuoka area  Shizuoka -> (Tomei Expressway) -> Numazu I.C. -> Exit the highway -> Follow Route 1 toward Mishima -> Drive along Route 136 -> Nekkan Road -> MOA Museum (approximately 1 hour)
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Q2. Are there Museum parking lots?

A. Yes. Museum parking lots are free for Museum visitors. Valet Parking is offered by our two entrances, the Third Floor Entrance and the Escalator Entrance. However, the parking by the Escalator Entrance has only small accommodation so when full, we may have to ask the visitors to use the parking by the Third floor. Both parkings are free of charge.

Q3. What are the museum’s opening hours? What days are you closed?

A. We are generally open from 9;30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. but please enter by 30 minutes prior to the closing time. A. The museum is closed on Thursdays (except when it is a national holiday) and the New Year’s holiday. *The museum’s New Year’s holiday depends on the year. Please see the museum usage guidance for the information. <!--

Q4. How much is the entry fee?

A.  Admission to the regular exhibition is as listed below: Adults 1600(1300) yen University Students 1000 (800) yen Admission in brackets ( ) are valid for individuals belonging to a group of more than 10 visitors. -->

Q5. Do you offer senior discounts?

A. Yes. The admission is 1,400 yen for those aged 65 and over with ID. Please present ID with proof of age when purchasing admission ticket.

Do you offer group discounts?

A. We offer discounts for groups of 10 people or more. The admission is 1,300 yen per person.

Q6. Can I purchase an advance admission ticket?

A. Yes, you can. Advance Tickets 1,300 yen. Advance admission tickets can be purchased at convenience stores, Ticket Pia, the contracted hotels and inns in Atami city and the contracted travel agencies. <!--

About our miscellaneous services

Q1. Are coin-operated-lockers available in the museum for visitors?

A. Yes. You need to insert coin(s) (100 yen or 200 yen) when using a locker but the coin(s) will be returned after use. Coin-operated-lockers are located outside of the Escalator Entrance and by the Second Floor Reception Counter. If your luggage does not fit in the locker, we may keep it at the Second Floor Reception Counter during your visit. Please ask the staff.

Q2. Are wheelchairs allowed in the museum?

A. We provide slopes and accessible restrooms for disabilities in the museum. Wheelchair rental is available at the the Third Floor Entrance. There are no elevators at the Escalator Entrance. Therefore, wheelchair access is from the Third Floor Entrance only. However, wheelchairs are not allowed in the Museum Garden and the escalator passages.

Q3. Are strollers allowed in the museum?

A. Yes. Strollers are allowed. Stroller rental is also available at the Third Floor Entrance. In the case that the museum is over-crowded, we may have to ask you to refrain from use. Also, strollers are not permitted in the Museum Garden or the escalator passages. We appreciate your understanding.ast call is 16:00)


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