Frequently Asked Questions

Access and Museum Hours

Q. How do I get to the Museum?

A. Using public transport, take JR train to Atami station and use a bus to MOA Museum of Art (departing from Rank 8 of the bus terminal). The bus ride takes about 7 minutes.

A. Driving to the museum:

  • From Tokyo (southbound trip): use Tomei Expressway, then Odawara-Atsugi Road. Take Odawara-nishi exit onto Seishō Bypass. From Ishibashi exit, take R135 toward Atami, using Manazuru Blue Line along the way, then follow sings to the museum.
  • From the Shizuoka area (northbound trip): use the Tomei Expressway and take Numazu exit, then follow the Izu-Jukan Expressway until Prefectural Route 11 (Nekkan Road). Take this road toward Atami, then follow signs to the museum.
  • If coming by the New Tomei Expressway, the exit for the Izu-Jukan Expressway is Nagaizumi Numazu.

Click here for further information.


Q. Where can I park my car?

A. There are parking spaces available and free of charge. They are situated near the museum entrances (Escalator entrance and 3rd floor entrance). The parking areas near the 3rd floor entrance have 200 parking spaces.


Q. What time is the Museum open and when is it closed?

A. The museum opening hours are between 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Last admission is at 4:00 p.m. The Museum is closed on Thursdays except national holidays. It is also closed on certain dates during the new year’s holiday season (please inquire for details)


Q. How much is the entry fee?

A.  Admission to the Museum is 1,600 yen for adults and 1,000 yen for students. Junior high school students and younger children can enter free of charge. 


Q. Is there concession for senior visitors?

A. Visitors aged 65 or older enjoys concession at 1,400 yen for admission. Presentation of a proof of age is required.


Q. Is there concession for group visitors?

A. A concession rate is available for groups of 10 or more people. It is 1,300 yen per person.


Q. Can I purchase tickets in advance?

A. We offer some advance tickets, which cost 1,300 yen and available from convenience stores, Ticket Pia ticketing service, some hotels/inns in Atami city and select travel agents.
*Please inquire at your accommodation/travel agent if they offer the advance tickets.


Facilities and services

Q. Are there facilities to deposit my bags?

A. We provide coin-operated lockers near the Escalator Entrance and 2nd floor information desk in the main building. You need 100-yen coins to operate them. The money is redeemed after use.
Large items that do not fit in a locker may be deposited at the reception.


Q. Is the Museum accessible for wheelchair users?

A. Our facilities are equipped with slopes, accessible toilets and other features catering to the needs of wheelchair use. Please note that wheelchairs cannot access the Tea Garden and the escalator passage. Wheelchair users are asked to arrive at the 3rd floor entrance for entry to the museum. We also offer wheelchairs to use in the museum. Please inquire at the reception.


Q. Can I use a stroller in the Museum?

A. You can use a stroller in the Museum. We also offer strollers to rent for free of charge. Please inquire at the reception. Please note that, for safety reasons, we may ask not to use strollers during busy hours. Also note that strollers are not allowed into the Tea Garden and the escalator passage area.


Q. Does the Museum have membership programs?

A. We have a membership program, the Museum Member’s Club. An annual membership fee is 10,000 yen, and members enjoy free entry throughout the year. Click here for further information.


On-site amenities

Q. Are there restaurants in the Museum?

A. There are Japanese restaurant Hana-no-Chaya and soba noodle restaurant Nijo-shinmachi in the Tea Garden


Q. Are there facilities for refreshments?

A. We offer a café stand the café on the first floor with tables and chairs by a large window. A teahouse Ippaku-an is situated in the Tea Garden, where you can enjoy matcha and sencha green tea.


Q. Does the Museum have a shop?

A. Our museum shop the shop is situated on the first floor.



Q. Am I allowed to take pictures of the exhibited artworks?

A. Still photography is permitted for personal, noncommercial use only. Loaned artworks may not be photographed. Monopods, tripods and selfie-sticks as well as use of flash is prohibited inside the museum site. Please be considerate of other visitors while taking photos (no pushing others or taking too long for taking photos). Photographs taken must not be duplicated or distributed for commercial purposes.


Q. Can I take notes in the galleries and other rooms?

A. You can use pencils to take notes, but ink-based items such as fountain pens, ball-point pens and painting brushes are not permitted.


Q. Can I use the images of artworks on the Museum website and catalogs elsewhere?

A. All images published on the Museum website and other publications are copyrighted and cannot be used outside the scope of personal use under the Copyright Act.



Q. Is free Wi-Fi available in the Museum?

A. Free Wi-Fi can be accessed in the escalator passage and the main building. Please inquire at the reception for further information.


Q. Can babies allowed into the Museum?

A. Babies are welcome to the Museum. Please note, however, that we may have to ask to interrupt your visit to galleries in a case where your baby may disturb other visitors.


Q. I lost something in the Museum. What should I do?

A. While at the Museum, please contact the reception in the main building or at the escalator entrance. Otherwise, please contact the Museum by phone.



 MOA Museum of Art
TEL. 0557 84 2511