The‘Wakan roeishu-gire’Fragment of the poem anthology ‘Wakan roeishu’

Attributed to Fujiwara-no-Yukinari



Artist Attributed to Fujiwara-no-Yukinari
Period Heian period, mid-11th century
Materials and techniques Hanging scroll, ink on decorated paper
Size 26.8×28.9


This transcription shows part of the anthology, Sekido Version of Wakan-rōeishū, a set of two scrolls made of fine papers in white, pale blue and other colors combined. The name derives from the Sekido family who owned the transcription. This fragment is from the first scroll and the writing style suggests it to be the work of Minamoto-no-Kaneyuki (-1024-1074-), the same calligrapher who wrote the inscriptions on the doors of the main hall of Byōdō-in Temple in Uji, Kyoto.