Teahouse Shotei

Tadasumi Iki (also known as Sanensai), the head of chief retainers of Ikeda Domain in Bizen, was a great master of the tea ceremony and indulged his later years in a tea ceremony. He had over 20 teahouses in his suburban residence in Okayama and this teahouse is one of the tearooms called “大爐の間(Dairo-no-ma meaning a tea-room with large finance)”relocated to our Museum tea garden. It was named Sho-te by referring to our museum collection, “Writing box(Suzuribako) with Woodcutter in the style of Hon’ami Koetsu (Important Cultural Property). Sho(樵) or Kikori(樵夫) means woodcutter in Japanese and there was a woodcutter painted on the “fusuma” (sliding screen) of the tearoom which was the same design on the cover of the writing box.