Hanshan and Shide

By Ogata Korin



Artist By Ogata Korin
Period Edo period, 18th century
Materials and techniques Hanging scroll, ink and light colour on silk
Size 88.7×30.6


The facial expressions and clothing of Han-shan and Shi-de, the legendary Zen eccentrics, are depicted in a relaxed and spontaneous way which is unique to Kōrin. The two are featured as dandy hermits, unlike the stern Zen religious subjects. Kōrin was 44 years old when the imperial court gave him the honorary title of hokkyō in 1701. This work has the inscription “Hokkyō Kōrin” and a chop mark “Kansei” from which it is thought that it was completed shortly after his appointment as hokkyō. This work is included in “One Hundred Paintings of Kōrin ” compiled by Sakai Hōitsu.