Tea Bowl of the Taihi-tenmoku type with a design of phoenixes in resist

Jizhou ware



Artist Jizhou ware
Period China, Southern Song dynasty, 12th - 13th century
Materials and techniques Stoneware with black and brown glaze
Size H.7.7 MD.13.0 BD.3.6,


This tea bowl, formed with a dark brown, hard-textured porcelain clay, was first covered in a black glaze both on the inside and out. Next, bird-shaped paper stencils were pasted on the interior side which was then coated with a nontransparent glaze. When the stencils were removed, the black glaze beneath revealed itself in the shape of birds. Finally, the bowl was sprinkled on the exterior side with a nontransparent glaze and fired. The beautiful bowl is highly valued and treasured, being one the rare taihi-tenmoku vessels featuring a design of birds.