Tea Bowl of the Ido type; named ‘Tokiwa’



Period Korea, Choson dynasty, 16th century
Materials and techniques Stoneware with semi-transparent glaze
Size H.7.0 MD.15.3 BD.5.5


This is a tea bowl of the Ko-ido type. On the lid of the wooden box is an inscription reading “Ido Tokiwa” written by Chaya Soko. The bowl has an open shape with a very thin, lip, and the body shows wheel marks in three ridges. The foot in the shape of a bamboo joint is rather high and carved with a quick hand. The glaze, light-brown in color, is crackled as in many O-ido bowls, and there is gentle kairagi around the foot. Though small, the bowl displays all the qualities of Ido bowls. It was owned by Inoue Segai and later by Takahashi Soan.