Incense Container in the shape of a blossom

Shino type, Mino ware



Artist Shino type, Mino ware
Period Momoyama period, 16th century
Materials and techniques Stoneware with underglaze iron decoration
Size Overall H.3.9 D.4.5


Compared to flower vases and incense burners, extant Shino incense containers are much more numerous, but they all differ in style and painted decoration, indicating that they were not mass produced, but carefully handmade piece by piece. Illustrated here is an incense container of a rather rare form. Not only is the body, but the slightly rounded lid as well is made in the shape of a blossoming flower, with petals and stamen painted in iron pigment, and a round knob attached at the top. The color of the drawing is beautiful against the slightly gray feldspathic glaze, and though small in size, the piece is extremely attractive. The container has a round foot right at the bottom.