Covered Box with a design of plum blossoms

By Ogata Kenzan



Artist By Ogata Kenzan
Period Edo period, 18th century
Materials and techniques Stoneware with white slip and underglaze blue and brown
Size Overall H.8.5 Cover D.21.0×20.3


A covered box of a generous shape decorated with a design of overlapping plum blossoms. The white blossoms on the exterior surfaces of the body and lid were painted by applying a thick coat of white slip through a stencil with blossom-shaped holes cut out. The other blossoms were then added in cobalt blue and iron brown pigments, and the entire box covered with a thick coat of transparent glaze. The design on the interior surfaces of the body and cover was created by placing blossom-shaped stencils on a ground of white slip and brushing over them with a cobalt pigment, so that the background was colored, making the white flowers left in reserve look as if floating in air. The box is inscribed on the base with a mark reading "Kenzan".