Teahouse Ippaku-an

Ippaku-an was built commemorating the centennial anniversary of Museum’s founder Okada Mokichi. Comprising a large room in the shoinzukuri style, medium-size room and a small chamber, all used to perform tea ceremony, together with a space for enjoying matcha tea in the ryurei style—seated on benches. Designed by an architect and renowned chado expert Emori Nahiko, the teahouse is built in a refined sukiya style with a copper-tiled roof and sophisticated curves modelled on the Katsura Rikyu Imperial Villa. Matcha and sencha green tea can be enjoyed inside the teahouse.

Matcha/sencha and sweets at Teahouse Ippaku-an



Facility rental


The rooms for tea ceremony may be used for private occasions. Please read the Protocol for renting tea rooms and submit an application form to the Museum.


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