Important Cultural Property

Lady under a Tree

Excavated from Kara Khojo



Artist Excavated from Kara Khojo
Period China, Tang dynasty, 8th century
Materials and techniques Framed, colour on paper
Size 139.1×53.3


This painting was brought to Japan by the Central Asia expedition team headed by Ōtani Kōzui, the head of the Nishi-honganji temple, Kyoto, in the late Meiji period (1868–1912). It was excavated from the tomb at Astana -Karakhōjo near Gaochang City in Turpan. It forms a pair with “A Man under a Tree” of the Tokyo National Museum collection. The woman’s costume, coiffure, hairpin and make-up reflect the fashions of the Tang dynasty at the height of its prosperity in the 8th century. It is especially valuable as an example of Tang painting on paper.