Covered Box with openwork and a design of dragons


Artist Jingdezhen ware
Period China, Ming dynasty, Wanli mark and period (1573 - 1620)
Materials and techniques Porcelain with underglaze blue and overglaze enamels
Size Overall H.10.9 MD.31.9×21.9 BD.27.0×16.5


Wucai ware of the Wanli reign period (1573–1620) has long been cherished in Japan. Illustrated is a box elaborately decorated with dragons and various other motifs arranged densely over its surface. The box also features an especially delicate and well-executed openwork design of shippo-tsunagi (overlapping circles) on top of the lid. The work is a wonderful example of Wanli porcelain, exhibiting the characteristic features of the period in its elegant colors of red and deep blue, and the somewhat old-fashioned expression of the dragons.

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