Joy and pleasure in chaya style

A selection of delectable Japanese cuisine is to be enjoyed in a tea garden—treat yourself with the Japanese traditional delights in this ideal setting of authentic chaya-style restaurant.

Served on beautiful tableware, Japanese dishes are delicious both to your eyes and taste buds.


Attention to details

All the ingredients we use are carefully selected, locally sourced organic produce, including the seasoning and spices. Our wholesome courses are all prepared on the premises to make your meal a pure joy.


Grilled salted natural ayu fish, ayu fish rice, soup, and three dishes *Limited quantity1,900yen

Atami local fish and seafood rice bowl1,950 yen

Chef's special hamburger steak1,800 yen



Alcoholic beverages

Atami Beer (330 ml)

¥ 800

Sapporo black label

¥ 780

Asahi Dry Zero
(alcohol free)

¥ 550

Non-alcoholic beverages

Apple juice

¥ 660

House ginger ale

¥ 660

House lemon soda

¥ 660

House lemonade

¥ 660

House plum juice

¥ 660

*All prices are inclusive of VAT

Over View

Opening hour 11:00 - 15:30 (order before 15:00)
Closed Wednesday and Thursday (except National Holidays) and Year-end holidays.
Place The Museum Tea Garden (Floor map)
Reservation Incompatible