Supervised by an internationally acclaimed patissier, Toshihiko Yoroizuka.

Yoroizuka spent 8 years in Europe, mastering the art of patisserie. He became the first Japanese “chef patissier” at a Michelin 3-star restaurant in Belgium. With his deep and passionate appreciation of European traditions and cultures, Yoroizuka produces enticing sweets with elegance.

His passion extends to truly tasteful sweets made from genuine ingredients. To help ensure a supply of fresh ingredients, he runs his own Yoroizuka Farm in Ichiyajo, Odawara, and a 100% organic cacao farm in Ecuador, helping local agricultural communities to thrive.

La Pâtisserie du musée's ample seating overlooks the Museum garden. Enjoy our specialty desserts - blackcurrant mousse cake Cassis, pistachio-rich mousse Bernard, and baked cheesecake with a hint of cognac Fromage, for example.
A delight both to your eyes and your taste buds, these sweets will make your short break at La Pâtisserie du musée a heavenly moment to share.

Toshihiko Yoroizuka

Born in 1965, Yoroizuka grew up in Kyoto and apprenticed in hotels in the Kansai region. He spent 8 years in Europe further training in cake making, and won the 2000 INTERSUC competition in Paris. Subsequently, he worked at a Michelin 3-star restaurant in Belgium, Bruneau, as a chef patissier. Back in Japan, he launched his own brand Toshi Yoroizuka in 2002. He opened one of the world’s first cocoa production farm in Ecuador in 2010, named after him “Toshi Yoroizuka Cacao Farm.” In 2013, he was appointed as a goodwill ambassador to promote French tourism in Japan. His desserts were served at the banquet celebrating the 40-year partnership between the ASEAN and Japan. In 2016, he opened his flagship shop Toshi Yoroizuka Tokyo.

Special design crockery inspired
by Murose Kazumi’s lacquerware

Delicately presented cakes and hot drinks at La Pâtisserie du musée par Toshi Yoroizuka are served using special plates and cups, designed based on Living National Treasure artisan Murose Kazumi’s urushi-ware plates with maki-e “Seika” (quintessence). Murose himself oversaw the crockery design especially for La Pâtisserie du musée.

It is also available for purchase from the pâtisserie and at the shop. Lovely items to add colors to your home life!


【New】Seasonal Fruit Parfait1,980 yen

【New】Matcha Japanese Dessert1,650 yen

【New】Brûlée atami1,540 yen

Cassis950 yen

Bernard950 yen

Classic chocolat800 yen

Fromage cuit800 yen

Croque monsieur1,350 yen

Quiche1,350 yen

Locally-sourced organic green salad1,100 yen



Hot beverages

Specialty blend coffee

¥ 690

Specialty café au lait

¥ 800

Earl gray tea Toshi Yoroizuka brand
Ichiyajo label

¥ 750

Iced beverages

Specialty coffee

¥ 740

Earl gray tea Toshi Yoroizuka brand
Ichiyajo label

¥ 750

Mandarin juice (Nagasaki)

¥ 770

Apple juice (Aomori)

¥ 770


Croque monsieur

¥ 1,350

Croque monsieur
with a drink of your choice

¥ 1,800


¥ 1,350

with a drink of your choice

¥ 1,800

Locally-sourced organic green salad

¥ 1,100

Green salad
with a drink of your choice

¥ 1,540

*Specialty coffee uses JAS-certified organic coffee beans from Brazil, Colombia, East Timor and Peru.

*Salad mainly composed of locally-sourced organic vegetables.

*The salad contains peanuts.

*The prices are inclusive of taxes.

Over View

Opening hour 11:00 - 16:00 (order before 15:30)
Closed Thursdays and days of Museum closure (between major exhibitions, some national holidays and new year's holidays)
Place 1F (Floor map)
Reservation Incompatible