Important Cultural Property

Aizen Myo-o (Ragaraja)



Period Kamakura period, dated 1327
Materials and techniques Hanging scroll, colour on silk
Size 137.0×90.3


Aizen Myō-ō has the function of transforming worries into enlightenment. People wishing to be respected by others and to become rich pray to him. Usually he is depicted resting on a jeweled vase inside the red circle, having three eyes and six arms and wearing a lion-headed crown. Aizen Myō-ō holding a rosary in his third left hand is the symbol of increasing wealth. On the original wooden roller of the scroll is an inscription in ink saying that the priest Munakata copied the original work, which was painted by Abbot Jinkai with inscription by Kōbō Daishi and donated this scroll to Aizen-in Temple in Kyoto in 1327.