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Important Cultural Property

Kakinomoto-no-Hitomaro and Ki-no-Tsurayuki


Artist By Iwasa Matabei Katsumochi
Period Edo period, 17th century
Materials and techniques Pair of hanging scrolls, ink on paper
Size Hitomaro: 93.3×35.4, Tsurayuki: 93.8×35.5


Of many of Katsumochi’s works depicting poetic saints using the Yamato-e techniques, this work skillfully incorporates the technique of Chinese monochrome painting. Hitomaro’s portrait (right) is depicted with abbreviated brush stroke technique and Tsurayuki’s portrait (left) is expressed by applying ample fluid ink. From these paintings, it is clear that Katsumochi was familiar with the styles of Liang Kai; a master painter of the Southern Song Academy. The verses on the top and the signature on the bottom are from the same hand and provide a baseline for judging Katsumochi’s handwriting.

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