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Important Art Object

Snow, the Moon and Cherry Blossoms


Artist By Sakai Hoitsu
Period Edo period, dated 1820
Materials and techniques Set of three hanging scrolls, colour on silk
Size 91.4×35.1 each


The snow, the moon and the cherry blossom flowers are the three motifs representing the seasonal pleasures in Japan.
Hōitsu composed the triad as one whole unit, thinking of the overall composition when three paintings are juxtaposed. Therefore he placed the snow and pine trees on the top, the moon in the clouds in the middle, and the cherry blossoms at the bottom of each screen. Hōitsu was a painter, poet, and researcher of the Rimpa School, but this work is a superb manifestation of Hōitsu’s prestige as a designer. This triad beautifully painted with selected pigments, is one of Hōitsu’s masterpieces, completed when he was 60 years old.

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