The ‘Ishiyama-gire’ Fragment of the poem anthology ‘Tsurayukishu’


Artist By Fujiwara-no-Sadanobu
Period Heian period, early 12th century
Materials and techniques Hanging scroll, ink on decorated paper
Size 20.3×16.0


The fragment was once part of the anthology Tsurayuki-shū which forms part of a larger collection entitled Honganji Version of Anthologies of Thirty-six Poets. It is made up of a combination of purple and bluish gray papers with a design of birds, butterflies, pampas grass and maple leaves painted in silver pigment. It is strikingly modern. The presumed calligrapher is Sadanobu, (grandson of famed calligrapher Fujiwara-no-Yukinari), who is said to have transcribed over 5,000 volumes of Issai Sutra. Brush strokes are speedy and powerful while the calligraphic style is versatile and attractive.

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