Covered Jar with a design of fish and aquatic plants


Artist Jingdezhen ware
Period China, Ming dynasty, Jiajing mark and period (1522 - 66)
Materials and techniques Porcelain with overglaze enamels
Size H.45.0 MD.20.1 D.41.2 BD.24.0


Chinese polychrome porcelain reached its culmination during the Jiajing reign period (1522–66) of the Ming dynasty. This covered jar, decorated on the body with fish and aquatic plants in underglaze blue and overglaze enamels, is a Jiajing wucai masterpiece. The white porcelain body is smoothly applied with a transparent glaze, the underglaze blue is vivid and brilliant, and overglaze enamels of red, yellow, green and black are in rich tones characteristic of the Jiajing period. The beautiful red color which was acquired by painting a deep red over yellow is also an extremely attractive feature of this jar.

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