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Vase with a design of flowers and fruits


Artist Jingdezhen ware
Period China, Qing dynasty, Qianlong mark and period (1736-95)
Materials and techniques Porcelain with underglaze blue
Size H.56.6 MD.11.8 D.40.4 BD.16.5


During the Qianlong period, blue and white ware was produced in great quantity in the imperial kilns for the palaces and imperial villas that were being constructed. Illustrated is a well-proportioned tenkyuhei (tianqiuping) vase with a globular body and a thick tubular neck imparting a dignified elegance. During the Qing dynasty, energies were directed to the selection of the finest clays and cobalt pigments. This vase is decorated with auspicious motifs of pomegranates, lotus flowers, chrysanthemums and persimmons precisely executed in a pictorial manner in gentle tones of cobalt blue used most effectively in light and dark shades.

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