Tea Bowl of the Tamago-de type; named ‘Tamatsubaki’


Period Korea, Choson dynasty, 16th - 17th century
Materials and techniques White stoneware with transparent glaze
Size H.7.7 MD.14.2 BD.6.3


This is one of the comparatively rare tea bowls of the tamagode type that was fired in the Korean Peninsula. The name tamagode comes from its glaze which resembles the color of egg shells. The bowl, thinly potted except for the base, has a round depression for the tea pool on the interior bottom, and is covered almost down to the foot in a smooth grayish white glaze, which has turned a pale reddish color from the intense fire of the kiln. It is one of the most famous bowls of the tamagode type and is introduced in the "Taisho Meikikan", a catalog of famous tea utensils.
145. Tea Bowl of the Tamago-de type, white stoneware with transparent glaze

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