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Tea Bowl with a design of a fence and distant mountains; named ‘Yamaji’


Artist Shino type, Mino ware
Period Momoyama period, 16th century
Materials and techniques Stoneware with underglaze iron decoration
Size H.10.3 MD.13.6×12.0 BD.5.7


Shino tea bowls are made using a soft moxa-type clay and are often thick-walled and large in size. This piece was conscientiously made and features an uneven mouth rim fashioned in the "mountain ridge" style, and a wavy line incised with a pallet around the hip representing perhaps a mountain road. The body is painted in underglaze iron with simple but powerful designs of a cypress fence, distant mountains and pines, and is covered with a thick coat of white feldspathic glaze characteristic of Shino ware which has melted smoothly, giving the surface a soft texture.

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