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Tea Bowl; named ‘Ayame’


Artist Raku ware, By Chojiro
Period Momoyama period, 16th century
Materials and techniques Earthenware with black glaze
Size H.8.9 MD.10.2 BD.4.6


Raku tea bowls made by Chōjirō reflect the ideals of Sen-no-Rikyū and have features that are truly Japanese in character. This piece, named Ayame, is a masterpiece by Chōjirō. The matte black glaze covering the entire bowl has spots of a blackish-brown hue called kase, giving the bowl a quiet refinement. The mouth rim bends inward and the body has a slight groove around the waist. The bowl is said to have been used by Rikyū at a tea ceremony held in 1587. It was owned by Sōtan, who wrote inscriptions on the box containing the work.

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